Thursday, 27 August 2009

August - One Hectic Month of Weddings

OK. Let's review where we've come over the last 3 weeks and what is still ahead.

Relatives from Holland - a
Relatives from Scotland - a
Son and best man from South Africa - a
Relatives and friends from Manitoba - a
Relatives from Saskatchawan - a
Friend from BC - a
Friend from California - a

Stag & stagette parties - a
First rehearsal - a
After rehearsal Portuguese BBQ - a
Luisa & Mark's wedding - a(beautifully)
Reception - a(great success except for the air conditioning not working)
Next day brunch - a(42 people in our little home)
A week of on-going partying with Luisa & Mark at the Penfold cottage near Perth - a

Ingrid and I were hoping to take a breather by going back to work this week but we'd forgotten that work is not like that...
Still to come...

Miriam & Geoff's rehearsal
After rehearsal dinner
Miriam & Geoff's wedding
Reception ("small" BBQ affair at their home)
Next day brunch

Finished. Klaar. Finito. Eindig. Fini. Phelile.
Photo's to follow.

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