Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Ingrid fractures her foot

Actually, this is hardly news considering as it happened about 10 days ago, but it does make for a dramatic headline, doesn't it? It happened while Jeroen, James and I were sight-seeing at Niagara Falls. Fortunately Judith was home. Ingrid slipped on the front stairs of our deck, landing heavily on her foot. It was only some hours later, as the pain increased, that Ingrid decided she should get her foot examined and phoned Mark, who works close by, to take her to the hospital.

Enjoy the photos of the intrepid wife and mother hard at work in her new office at Blue Door Shelters.

I have also posted a small album with some more photos from Luisa and Mark's wedding. These were taken at the church before and after the ceremony. None of the photos feature Mark or Luisa. As it happens, tomorrow (Thursday) is Mark's birthday. Happy birthday, Mark!

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