Friday, 4 September 2009

The Moomba Song - Lyrics

By popular demand Kwa-McCann brings you the lyrics of "The Moomba Song" as sung by the McCann Family Singers at Luisa and Mark's wedding reception.

Words by Ingrid "Moed" McCann
To the tune of Zulu Warrior

Moomba Song

Mark found his Moomba, Moomba, Moomba
Mark found his Moomba, Moomba Love. 2x

Hold your course you mighty captain,
Straight and fast you mighty chief, chief, chief, chief.

Here comes his Moomba, Moomba, Moomba
Here comes his Moomba, Moomba love. 2x

Then Mark met lovely Luisa,
Mark has found his wedding match, match, match, match.

Ayikhona Moomba, Moomba, Moomba
Ayikhona Moomba, Moomba love. 2x

One bright day, Luisa’s family,
Came to visit very brief, brief, brief.
Mark went boating with his Moomba,
Luisa’s heart was filled with grief, grief, grief, grief.

Mark chose his Moomba, Moomba, Moomba
Mark chose his Moomba over me.
Mark loves his Moomba, Moomba, Moomba
Mark loves his Moomba more than me.

Mark decided to do something,
He proposed for them to wed, wed, wed.
One romantic Saturday morning.
With rose petals in her bed, bed, bed, bed.

So…. Here comes the bride,
All dressed in white…
Slipped on a banana peel
And went for a ride.

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