Sunday, 21 March 2010

Geoff's birthday and other news

Thursday was Geoff's birthday. This afternoon Luisa, Heather and all the McCann's except Judith got together at Geoff and Miriam's for a small celebration. Gifts included a CD by DK Ibomeka with a personal written message from DK, and a SA cricket cap to wear at appropriate occasions.

For eats Mark provided Peri-Peri Chicken with his own home-made peri-peri sauce in four degrees of heat: mild (2 chilies), medium (8), hot (16), blow-torch (32). This was good enough to become a signature after a little more experimentation. Luisa made rice pudding and Miriam made banana loaf.

Judith did phone and, no surprise, ended up talking not to Geoff but to Mom.

Ingrid did a one leg balance training session and was awarded a Wii-age of 33. Not too shabby.

The Big News

For those who have not already heard, Miriam and Geoff are expecting a baby girl at the end of July. We are all very, very excited. The other big, exciting news is that Judith has been accepted to start at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College ( in September.

Here are some bonus photos from the celebration.


...and here is your faithfully doing the Wii Hoola-Hoop on YouTube :-)

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