Sunday, 25 April 2010

To those who are obsessed with trying to defend the reputation of the Church

I am going to repeat myself on what is the most important point of my ealier blog - and try to keep it simple. This is addressed to those who are obsessed with trying to defend the reputation of the Church, the Pope and the bishops. Please understand that this is counter-productive. Instead of converting, it drives those you are hoping to convince even further away and alienates the victims of Church based paedophile abuse even further, causing them even more pain and anger.

If you cannot speak to the pain of those who were sexually abused as young children by priests and workers in the Church, if you cannot speak of the need for repentance and redress, and of the need to seek forgiveness not only by those who perpetrated these evils but also, and even more so, by those shepherds in the Church who conspired to cover up the scandals by eliciting or buying promises of silence and thereby protect and harbour the wolves in sheep's clothing who ravaged the flock, if you cannot see past "reputation" in the eyes of the world to the plight of all the victims, not only those who have come forward loudly but the many more who have chosen to remain muted, who even now endure depression, confusion, disturbed sleep, dysfunctional relationships with family, friends and with God to name just some of the chronic pains they endure, then please be quiet and say nothing or you will simply make a bad situation worse. Try praying for wisdom and understanding, and a heart of compassion.

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