Friday, 25 June 2010

Stephen and Heather in Morocco (Part 3)

Subject: ello from morocco

Hi all,
We made it out of the desert after having the most incredible time sleepng under the stars surrounded by sand dunes. we are now in Todra Gorge which both heather and i agree is the most beautiful place we have ever been. it is a lush green valley surrounded by dizzyingly high red rock cliffs. A river running through the valley waters an almost tropical rainforest that grows in the valley that winds through an otherwise barren desert. On the sides of the valley are old, abandoned, mud kasbahs that look like they have melted into the cliffs. tonight will be our fourth night here and tomorrow we are heading out to Dades gorge before making our way to the city of Marrakesh.
Glqd to hear Claires babyshower was great, tell her to stay inside Mirs belly until we get home.

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