Monday, 5 July 2010

Stephen and Heather in Morocco (Part 4)

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three weeks later we are back in Casablanca after a wonderfull time in Morocco. Our last week or so has included trekking around in the beautiful Dades Valley with a very sweet man. Our favourite hike was through a gorge where we pretty much had to wade waste deep the whole way through the river that ran through the gorge.

We then went on to Marrekesh where we got a little city shocked after spending 2 weeks in the peacefull Morocco countryside (arriving at 9PM without a hotel booked was not the best idea). We decided that 2 nights in the city was enough and then went on to the very laid back beach town Essaouira (pronounced sa-wee-ra). The town became hippie central after Jimmie Hendrix spent some time there...we couldnt walk 10 meters on the beach without being offered "space cake".

While there we managed to catch the absolutely awesome Netherlands-Brasil match at one of the local watering holes: being 99% Muslim, watering holes in morroco are not bars, but cafès that are packed with men (Heather was the only woman) sipping their cafè au lait or their thè là menthe (mint tea) while cheering on their favourite team (Morroco cheered for netherlands because one of the players is from Morroco. We were congratulated by several men after the game).

Thinking that our flight to rome left Monday morning we headed back to Casablanca on Saturday (travelling between towns here pretty much requires an entire day...everything runs on african time), but silly us, our flight is tuesday morning so we got an extra day in Casablanca which is probably the worst place in morroco to kill time as there is literally nothing to do here, although it wasnt entirely without incident with a movie being filmed in our hotel...more to come about that; unfortunately it doesnt involve us being movie stars.

Tomorrow it is off to Rome and then back in Toronto on Saturday!

See you all soon,


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