Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A few more pictures of Jonathan (Jonty) Tiago

People have asked me, what is this kid's name? Jonty, Jonathan, Tiago? When I asked Mark and Luisa this question early on while Jonty was still in NICU they told me that they call him by all three names and I should feel free to use any. I'm sure that yesterday I heard Mark refer to him as "JT" or "John T" but I felt awkward double-checking. I was afraid they would think my hearing is getting worse. Don't take my word for it; listen out for yourself when you are around them.

For those who don't know, mainly the non-Portuguese among you, the "o" in Tiago rhymes with "oo" in moon. Linguistically Tiago ties back to Dutch/German Jaco/Jako contracted from Jacobus/Jakobus which is the Germanic form of James. Therefore, Tiago in Portuguese = James in English. Ever heard of a city called Santiago (Saint James)?

Here is a great picture of Jonty (my preferred appellation) waiting for Santa Clause

... and another of Tiago going for a walk in winter a la Luisa.

Finally, a nice shot of Jonathan and Mark.

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Mark said...

I do admit that I occasionally throw out a JT but it is on the rare occasion. His Portuguese relatives refer to him as Tiago when speaking in Portugues and otherwise he is Jonathan or Jonty for short. That being said, call him what ever you want!! :-)