Monday, 14 February 2011

Jonathan's first toboggan ride!

North Pole just over the horizon.
I received this email from Luisa today.

Jonathan's first toboggan ride!

Hello family!  We hope you are well :)  its a beautiful and sunny day in Peterborough.  once jonty awakes, we will be going for a walk.  well, after the little man eats of course :)

The night after the 20cm of snow we got a couple of weeks ago, we decided to go walking on the path behind our house.  jonathan had his first toboggan ride, and we're pretty sure he loved it, as he didn't cry once, and actually fell asleep!  He is great, feeding well, letting mommy get lots of sleep, and so alert.  his smiles are heartwarming, its amazing :)  he also loves bath time with us, and doesn't mind hanging out on his tummy when the mood strikes.

It's cold outside.
Mark and I are great--we started ultimate frisbee last monday, and were very sore from all the running for a few days.  but we are glad to be playing again and meeting new people in Peterborough.


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