Saturday, 2 April 2011

CAMR - Canada's Access to Medicines Regime. Dead in the Water. Thank you, Stephen Harper and the Senate A-Team.

This happened a week ago, apparently, but I only found out a few hours ago reading this article from The Globe and Mail off my Blackberry while sitting on the john. See How can Conservative senators look at themselves in the mirror? by GERALD CAPLAN. In hindsight the john was a most fitting location - I was able to give vent of the most appropriate kind without saying a word. To say that I'm disappointed is an obscene understatement.

This is a cynical, shameful perversion of democracy to so use the Senate to thwart the clear will of the majority of the parliamentarians elected by Canadians to represent them. According to Caplan, Marjory LeBreton, Mr. Harper’s Senate Leader, dismissed the legislation as “a coalition bill,” some kind of conspiracy, apparently, of Liberals, socialists and separatists. Apparently if you can label something as "coalition" it loses legitimacy.

This is a slippery slope. Canadians should be afraid, very, very afraid when they hear any politician brazenly propounding this sort of justification. If this is how they behave as a minority government, what will they do if they win a majority? The A-Team is bigger and more ubiquitous than I realised.

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