Thursday, 28 April 2011

Stand up for your reputation or face the judgement of history

Try doing a search on "The only party that defends the chrysotile industry". It's amazing how many web sites in Canada and the U.S. and abroad are shocked and disgusted at the cavalier, double standards towards asbestos being shown by the past and likely next Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.

"The only party that defends the chrysotile industry is our party; the Conservative party," Harper said in Asbestos, Que. on Tuesday. Chrysotile is the term for white asbestos that supporters of the asbestos industry prefer.

"Canada is one of a number of exporters of chrysotile and there are many countries in which it is legal who are buyers," Harper said.

"This government will not put Canadian industry in a position where it is discriminated against in a market where sale is permitted."

One would think that Stephen Harper would take his statement to its logical conclusion and seek to legalise again the use and sale of asbestos in Canada; after all, wouldn't that help the economy and create jobs? But no, "We have no plans to do that." On the contrary, work will continue on the stripping of asbestos from parliamentary and government buildings and residences in Ottawa. Why? Because asbestos is a known carcinogen.

Any Conservatives who do not wish to be tarred with this brush of dishonest, double standards need to speak up now - and loudly. Stand up for your reputation or face the judgement of history.

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