Sunday, 17 July 2011

Congratulations on your engagement, Heather and Stephen.

On Friday evening Heather and Stephen stopped off to have dinner at our house on their way to spend the weekend with Heather's parents, Rob and Mary-Ann. We offered them some wine and they told us that, yes, we had something to celebrate. Whereupon Heather dangled her finger with engagement ring in front of our noses. It seems Stephen had made a great meal after which he pulled out the ring and sang a song composed for the occasion.

Talk is that a wedding is being planned for sometime in June, July, August 2012.
Congratulations, Heather and Stephen.  We are all very pleased for you both - and for ourselves.

Here are some pictures of the happy couple and of "The Ring." See the album, "Engaged - Heather and Stephen."

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