Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Anti-abortion does NOT equate to being pro-life

Being anti-abortion does NOT equate to being pro-life - not if your government...

  • Brutalizes refugees and migrants, tearing families apart by deporting people who have no greater wish than safety, opportunity and hard work;
  • Is willing to rip health care from tens of millions of people;
  • Denies climate change and jeopardizes creation itself with retrograde policies on the environment;
  • Intends to increase defense spending more than $50 billion while cutting social welfare programs for the most vulnerable;
  • And whose leader, the president, boasts openly of sexual conquests that many would describe as assault.

This editorial in The National Catholic Reporter is a must-read for any fellow Knights in the Knights of Columbus.

Pro-life advocates with the Indiana State Knights of Columbus carry a banner past the U.S. Supreme Court Jan. 27 during the annual March for Life in Washington. (CNS/Leslie E. Kossoff)

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