Sunday, 12 December 2010

Jonathan Tiago update Day 5

Thank you to those who have offered congratulations and expressions of concern for Jonty's health. He has really progressed well. Luisa has been discharged but Tiago has not and so Mark and Luisa are "living" in the ICU ward at Sunnybrook Hospital.

Skin on skin is encouraged and he has been getting lots of that from both mommy and daddy, interrupted only when he needed to have sessions under the UV because he was also jaundiced. That has passed so things should be a little easier now. Jonathan is still on antibiotics to which he appears to be responding well.

Yesterday's picture of Jonathan showed a tube in his nose. This was not for oxygen but for supplementary feeding. This has now been removed but you will still see some bubblegum on his left cheek in case they need to put it back. The splint on his hand is holding an infusion tube connector in place.

Here are some pictures of the little chap with his adulating and besotted fans. There is also a "Guess Who?" picture of a mystery baby. No, it is not Albert Einstein.

Guess Who?

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