Tuesday, 11 November 2008

End of Movember Day 11

I'm clearly overdue for an update. Deepest apologies.  Although, in my defence, I have been keeping the official Movember blog up to date.

At the time of this blog, The Mostashed Hairiers have raised Cdn $1250.72 for prostate cancer research.  Jimmy has been a great addition to the team, raising almost $500 from among his friends.  He has reassured me that neither blackmail nor extortion are among his techniques. You can see from his innocent and sincere face that he is totally to be believed.

Wayne Hudson is ahead on style with his "Truckers' Stache", but also has a good bunch of friends who have taken him well over $100.00 in donations.

Since my last blog we have acquired some additional members to the team, and I have pictures to replace the smiley faces that I used previously.

Jimmy Demarco

Zachary King

Peter Righton

Greg Forbes

Kevin Timmins

Mike Norman

Raj Bamaniya

Wayne Hudson

Greg Landry

Bob Arpin

Taylor Landry

Mike Peyvandi

Ingrid McCann

Terry McCann

Finally, I should mention that Mark has started his own team, The Great Canadian Moosestaches, which includes brothers Sean and Stephen. We were all together with Mark and some other friends of his over the weekend watching South Africa beat Wales in rugby. Here is a photo of the four of us, from left to right, Mark, Stephen, Sean, Terry.

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